Inverter KKB equipped with two compressors

Inverter compressor and condenser units with a capacity from 8 to 270 kW, manufactured by TICA, are a combination of an outdoor unit of a multi-zone VRF system and an electronic control module AHU KIT connected to a freon heat exchanger of a ventilation unit. Unlike the units manufactured by many other manufacturers, the KKB of the TIKA company can be operated equally efficiently both in cooling mode and in heating mode. In the first of them, inverter compressor and condenser units of the TIMS series operate at ambient temperatures from -5 to +56 °C, in the second - from -27 to +26 °C. The freon used is R410A.

Инверторные ККБ, оснащенные двумя компрессорами
 ККБ с двумя компрессорами

KKB with two compressors

61,5 - 90 кВт