The model range of TICA company includes inverter heat pumps with a scroll compressor with a capacity from 12 to 20 kW: 5 of them — with a ceiling indoor unit, 3 — with a wall unit. Water consumption varies from 2.06 to 3.44 cubic meters/h (depending on the model). Indoor units can work both for heating and cooling and can be connected to underfloor heating systems, fan coils, radiators, low-power ventilation units. The following modes are provided: floor heating, heating or cooling using connected fan coils, maintaining the temperature of the underfloor heating. In addition, self-diagnosis functions are implemented (when a malfunction is detected, the error code is displayed on the touch screen), automatic switching on and off of the thermal inverter pump (set using a timer), automatic start with the current settings after power is restored, intelligent and powerful defrosting. The user can restrict access to the management system by entering a password.

Тепловые насосы прямого нагрева типа «воздух-вода» серии TCAH-F
картинка Тепловой насос прямого нагрева TCAH100F

Direct heat pump TCAH100F

38,0 кВт

картинка Тепловой насос прямого нагрева TCAH50F

Direct heat pump TCAH50F

21,0 кВт

картинка Тепловой насос прямого нагрева TCAH30F

Direct heat pump TCAH30F

14,0 кВт