High temperature heat pumps

The high-temperature heat pump (water heater) with an output power of 80 kW, powered by natural CO2 refrigerant, is manufactured by TICA under a technical license from Mayekawa Japan, has a completely Japanese design and is designed for heating and hot water supply of supermarkets, grocery stores and other retail facilities, food industry enterprises (including meat processing plants) and public catering, factories, polyclinics and hospitals, hotels, dormitories, indoor swimming pools, sauna complexes and saunas, golf clubs and fitness halls.

Высокотемпературные тепловые насосы
 Тепловой насос TCAH30F

Heat pump TCAH30F

 Тепловой насос TCAH50F

Heat pump TCAH50F

 Тепловой насос TCAH50FC

Heat pump TCAH50FC

 Высокотемпературный тепловой насос (водонагреватель) TCAH200HH

Heat pump TCAH200HH