Modular water-cooled chillers

The model range includes lines of chillers with a capacity of 75, 113 and 150 kW (20, 30 and 40 RT), which can be operated only in cooling mode or as heat pumps using groundwater or geothermal sources as a coolant. Modular water—cooled chillers are designed for cooling (heating) water and supplying it to the end devices of the central air conditioning system - fan coils, radiators, supply units, etc. Such systems are used to create a comfortable microclimate at small and medium—sized facilities - office buildings, medical institutions, shops and trade pavilions, catering establishments, small sports facilities, hotels, as well as for cooling industrial and high-tech equipment installed, for example, in data processing centers or mining farms. The units have a modular design and can be combined into blocks of 2-12 modules of the same or different performance. Thanks to this, the total output power of the central air conditioning system can be increased to 1800 kW. The total capacity of the chillers in the unit can be selected with an accuracy of up to 35 kW, so that it perfectly matches the parameters of the project presented by the customer. All modules in the unit are connected to the main pipeline and connected by communication cables. At the same time, the microcomputer (controller) each chiller works autonomously. One of the devices is assigned to the master (Master), the rest become slaves (Slave). The Master starts first and receives commands directly from the wired control panel. After it, the rest of the modules included in the block are included in a hierarchical sequence. This allows, firstly, to significantly reduce the impact of the inrush current (it can reach 95.8 A) on the distribution network and, secondly, to equalize the load between the chillers during the operation of the central air conditioning system. Each device is equipped with two hermetic scroll compressors manufactured by Emerson Copeland (USA). These units are characterized by high performance, low friction losses, increased wear resistance and durability. The efficiency of their electric drives reaches 90%. The compressors are equipped with unidirectional discharge valves to prevent the reverse flow of the refrigerant.

Модульные чиллеры с водяным охлаждением TWS (75-150 кВт)
картинка Модульный чиллер с водяным охлаждением TWS20MDC4 (только охлаждение)

74.4 кВт

картинка Модульный чиллер с водяным охлаждением TWS30MDC4 (только охлаждение)

112.2 кВт

картинка Модульный чиллер с водяным охлаждением TWS40MDC4 (только охлаждение)

146.3 кВт