Standard VFR systems

TICA's VRF inverter systems include over 60 models with an output power from 25 to 270 kW. The model range is represented by both autonomous (independent) and combined outdoor units consisting of two or three modules of the same or different performance. Each such module includes: one or two sealed spiral EVI-compressors manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric (Japan); an inverter that converts alternating current into direct current, and then again into alternating current with the frequency at which the compressor drive should rotate; a C-shaped capacitor, which is a copper coil with aluminum fins; a plate economizer, designed for supercooling the refrigerant; electronic temperature control valves that regulate the volume of refrigerant injected into the evaporator; one or two axial fans with a diameter of 750 mm with a DC-inverter electric drive; temperature and pressure sensors; protective devices. Advanced Steam Injection (EVI) technology allows the use of air conditioners for heating rooms even at very low ambient temperatures and significantly reduces their energy consumption. Thus, VRF 6th generation air conditioning systems manufactured by TICA are capable of operating in cooling mode at outdoor temperatures from -5 to +56 °C, in heating mode - at -30 ...+26 °C. As tests have shown, the performance of the equipment does not fall even at -20 and +40 °C. At the same time, it is 20% higher than the same indicator when operating outdoor units equipped with standard scroll compressors without EVI technology. Of course, this has a positive effect on the efficiency of TICA's VRF systems: the energy efficiency coefficient EER reaches 4.6, the heating efficiency coefficient COP — 5.0.

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