Air-cooled screw chillers

TASD air-cooled screw spiral chillers work only for cold. Their performance varies from 385 to 1425 kW. The units are equipped with one or two screw compressors of the German company Bitzer. In the first case, their output power is regulated in increments of 25%, in the second — 12.5%. Air-cooled screw spiral chillers are equipped with a shell-and-tube evaporator and an M-shaped condenser. Both units are produced directly by TICA. From 150 thousand to 500 thousand cubic meters of air per hour are passed through the condenser, depending on the model. Each of them can be equipped with 6-20 axial fans with advanced blades with serrated edges. At the request of the customer, the screw chiller is equipped with a built-in hydraulic module. It includes: a twin centrifugal pump with a single-cylinder drive, an expansion tank, a filter, safety and throttle valves, a pressure gauge, etc. The refrigeration circuit uses freon R134a. It is absolutely harmless from the point of view of the destruction of the ozone layer and is not included in the list of substances whose use in production should be gradually abandoned. This refrigerant is compatible with all structural materials from which semi-industrial and industrial air conditioners are manufactured today. The operating temperature range is from 15 to 43 °C. The temperature range of water at the outlet of the screw chiller is from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius (by default — 7 ° C). The maximum temperature difference of the working fluid at the inlet and outlet of the chiller is 8 degrees. The permissible volume of the working fluid is in the range of 60-130% of the nominal.

Винтовые чиллеры с воздушным охлаждением

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