Each outdoor unit is equipped with one DC inverter scroll compressor manufactured by the Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric. This unit is driven by a smoothly adjustable brushless DC motor with super-strong neodymium magnets. The inverter technology used allows you to quickly set the required room temperature after switching on the VRF system and constantly maintain it at this level. Fluctuations do not exceed plus or minus 0.3—0.5 degrees from the set temperature. Ozone-safe freon R410A is loaded into the VRF system. The outdoor unit of the TIMS-CSA series automatically adjusts its volume depending on air flow and heat exchange efficiency. More than ten protective functions have been implemented in the outdoor and indoor units of VRF systems, including protection against leakage of refrigerant and cooling oil, voltage surges, overheating and electromagnetic radiation, dangerous operating modes. In addition, emergency shutdown functions are provided in case of disconnection or failure of the power supply, self-diagnosis and automatic troubleshooting.

Автономные VRF-системы, оснащенные одним компрессором
Автономный наружный блок TIMS080DST (CSA)

Stand-alone outdoor unit TIMS080CSA

25,0 | 27,0 кВт

Автономный наружный блок TIMS100DST (CSA)

Stand-alone outdoor unit TIMS080CSA

28,0 | 31,5 кВт

Автономный наружный блок TIMS120DST (CSA)

Stand-alone outdoor unit TIMS120CSA

33,5 | 37,5 кВт

Автономный наружный блок TIMS140DST (CSA)

Stand-alone outdoor unit TIMS140CSA

40,0 | 45,0 кВт

 Автономный наружный блок TIMS160DST (CSA)

Stand-alone outdoor unit TIMS160CSA

45,0 | 50,0 кВт

 Автономный наружный блок TIMS180DST (CSA)

Stand-alone outdoor unit TIMS180CSA

50,0 | 56,0 кВт

 Автономный наружный блок TIMS200DST (CSA)

Stand-alone outdoor unit TIMS200CSA

56,0 | 63,0 кВт