Oil-free centrifugal chillers with flooded evaporator

TICA produces oil-free centrifugal chillers with a flooded evaporator with a capacity from 1055 to 4220 kW (300-1200 RT) under the technical license of the world-famous industrial group SMARDT. This company, acquired by TICA in 2018, is a pioneer and undisputed leader in the development and production of oil-free chillers with compressors on magnetic bearings. SMARDT's share in this segment of the global HVAC equipment market is 30%. In absolute terms, the company has already sold more than 8000 thousand such devices. The oil—free centrifugal chillers manufactured by TICA - SMARDT with a flooded evaporator are characterized by very high efficiency. Thus, their integral energy efficiency indicator at partial load IPLV (the American equivalent of the seasonal energy efficiency coefficient SEER) exceeds 11, the EER coefficient is 6.5 or more. A similar parameter of chillers with spiral or screw compressors rarely reaches 4.5—5. Oil—free centrifugal chillers with a flooded evaporator manufactured by TICA - SMARDT consume 40% less electricity than their screw counterparts. Already after two years, the total costs for the purchase and operation of screw chillers are approximately 20% higher than the corresponding indicator of oil-free TICA devices. In the future, this gap only increases, since the actual energy efficiency of oil-lubricated chillers decreases by 21-33% over time. Each oil-free centrifugal chiller is equipped with several Danfoss Turbocor compressors on magnetic bearings (thanks to this, the unit can be operated even in 5-10 percent load mode), two volumetric shell—and-tube heat exchangers, one of which acts as an evaporator and the other as a condenser, electronic expansion valves, temperature and pressure sensors, safety valves and shut-off valves, a cabinet automation and control unit with an 8-inch touch screen.

Безмасляные центробежные чиллеры с водяным охлаждением

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