TICA is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of chillers. The company put the first modular air-cooled chiller on the market back in 1997. Since then, the range of HVAC equipment produced by it has only been expanding. The production process built at the enterprise implies the use of the most advanced Japanese technologies. All components are carefully selected. If the slightest deviations from the standard are detected, the parts are rejected. The suppliers of components for TIKA chillers include world-famous brands: Mitsubishi Electric (Japan), Emerson Copeland (USA), Bitzer (Germany), Danfoss (Denmark), Schneider (France). The company's products meet the highest international standards and satisfy any customer requests. It produces aggregates (including in modular design) both air-cooled and water-cooled, equipped with spiral or screw compressors. In addition, in the arsenal of TICA there are centrifugal chillers with air or water cooling, as well as a novelty of recent years — oil-free chillers on TURBOCOR magnetic bearings. This became possible due to the fact that at the end of 2018, TIKA acquired a large Canadian company SMARDT, a world leader in this market segment.

Мини-чиллеры TECA (12-22 кВт)
Моноблочный мини-чиллер (тепловой насос) TECA160BEDIC

Monoblock mini-chiller (heat pump) TECA160BEDIC

16.0 | 18.0 кВт

картинка Моноблочный мини-чиллер (тепловой насос) TECA200BERIA

20.0 | 22.0 кВт

картинка Моноблочный мини-чиллер (тепловой насос) TECA120BEDIC

Monoblock mini chiller (heat pump) TECA120BEDIC

12.0 | 14.0 кВт

картинка Моноблочный мини-чиллер (тепловой насос) TECA140BEDIC

14.0 | 16.0 кВт

картинка Моноблочный мини-чиллер (тепловой насос) TECA180BERIA

Monoblock mini-chiller (heat pump) TECA180BERIA

18,0 | 20,0 кВт