Centrifugal chillers with flooded evaporator

Centrifugal chillers with a flooded evaporator, manufactured by TICA, are represented by models with a capacity from 1055 to 6680 kW (from 300 to 1900 RT). The entire model range is divided into three lines — standard, high-performance and ultra-efficient, each of which includes 24 models. Their design is identical, the chillers differ only in the brands of individual components, which is reflected in the energy efficiency coefficient EER. For devices included in the standard line, this indicator varies in the range of 5.37—5.89 depending on the model, for high—performance — 5.63—6.10, for ultra—efficient - 5.89-6.41. The chiller is equipped with a centrifugal compressor with an impeller having two impellers that provide two-stage compression of freon R134a. Thanks to them, the degree of compression increases, the time required to bring steam to maximum pressure is reduced, and the rotation speed of the unit shaft is reduced. In turn, this helps to reduce the load on the electric drive of the compressor and increase its wear resistance.

Центробежные чиллеры с затопленным испарителем TWCF (1055-6680 кВт)

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