Screw chillers with flooded evaporator

The screw chillers manufactured by TICA with a flooded evaporator with a capacity from 387 to 3280 kW (110-940 RT) are presented in two series — high-efficiency and super-high-efficiency. The first of them includes 20 models with an output power from 387 to 1782 kW, the second — 6 models with a capacity of 1509-1648 kW (single-compressor) and 3.0—3.28 MW (two-compressor). The EER coefficient of high—efficiency units is 5.94—6.09 depending on the model, super-high-efficiency units are 6.31—6.36. All screw chillers with a flooded evaporator have received certificates from the American Institute of Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems (AHRI), indicating that they fully comply with the norms of the ANSI/AHRI 551/991-2011 standard. In addition, the software developed by TICA for the selection of chillers and stands for their testing have successfully passed the AHRI certification. Before sending to the customer, each product must be tested at these stands. Screw chillers with a flooded evaporator have a fairly compact design. By means of a bolted connection, one or two compressors, an evaporator and a condenser made in the form of shell-and-tube heat exchangers, electronic expansion valves, a spool valve, an automation cabinet, etc. are fixed on a reinforced frame. Semi—hermetic twin-screw compressors for TICA chillers are manufactured by Bitzer (Germany), one of the world leaders in this market segment. These units are adapted to work at low condensation pressures, are characterized by high adiabatic efficiency and relatively low energy consumption for such powerful devices. The greatest efficiency is achieved when operating chillers in partial load mode.

картинка Винтовые чиллеры с водяным охлаждением TWSF (387-3280 кВт)