Cassette fan coil units with circular air distribution

Cassette fan coils with circular airflow distribution, manufactured by TICA, have long won the trust of consumers due to their high quality, excellent performance, very quiet operation and low energy consumption. They can be used in any central air conditioning systems. The key factors in the popularity of these devices are the 360—degree air flow distribution (the unit supplies air in all directions at once), a highly efficient engine and a very quiet large-diameter 3D bladed fan. The latter rotates at low speed, which guarantees almost silent operation. At the same time, the performance of the entire unit does not decrease. TICA cassette fan coils are equipped with a drainage pump. Optionally equipped with a motorized valve.

Кассетные фанкойлы с круговым распределением воздушного потока
 Кассетный фанкойл TKM200FN

Cassette fan coil TKM200FN

2,7 | 4,05 кВт

 Кассетный фанкойл TKM300FN

Cassette fan coil TKM300FN

3,0 | 4,8 кВт

Кассетный фанкойл TKM400FN

Cassette fan coil TKM400FN

4,05 | 6,5 кВт

Кассетный фанкойл TKM500FN

Cassette fan coil TKM500FN

4,5 | 7,3 кВт

Кассетный фанкойл TKM600FN

Cassette fan coil TKM600FN

6,0 | 10,0 кВт

Кассетный фанкойл TKM800FN

Cassette fan coil TKM800FN

8,0 | 12,5 кВт

Кассетный фанкойл TKM1000FN

Cassette fan coil TKM1000FN

9,5 | 15,5 кВт

Кассетный фанкойл TKM1200FN

Cassette fan coil TKM1200FN

10,8 | 17,0 кВт

Кассетный фанкойл TKM1400FN

Cassette fan coil TKM1400FN

12,0 | 18,9 кВт