TICA produces two types of KKB with a capacity from 8 to 310 kW — compressor and condenser units on/off and inverter KKB, which are outdoor units of a multi-zone VRF system in combination with electronic control modules of the AHU KIT ventilation unit. KKB type on/off are produced in two versions: operation only in cooling mode or operation as a heat pump. In the latter case, the device switches to cooling or heating mode at the discretion of the user. Compressor and condenser units on/off are equipped with rotary or hermetic scroll compressors and can be connected to both single- and multi-circuit freon evaporators of supply units or central air conditioners. Such KKB are characterized by a low price, a very low cost of a kilowatt of cold, small financial and time costs for maintenance and repair, but they are more difficult to adjust to the optimal mode of operation: a fairly high level of qualification of designers is required. In addition, the temperature range at which these units can be operated is relatively narrow — from -15 to +46 °C. Another characteristic feature: since a full—fledged oil return system is not provided in central air conditioning systems based on the "start/stop" type, the maximum length of the freon line is small - up to 40 meters, and the height difference between the outdoor unit and the ventilation unit does not exceed 20 meters.

картинка Компрессорно конденсаторные блоки