Inverter condensing units

Inverter compressor and condenser units with a capacity from 8 to 270 kW, manufactured by TICA, are a combination of an outdoor unit of a multi-zone VRF system and an electronic control module AHU KIT connected to a freon heat exchanger of a ventilation unit. Unlike the units manufactured by many other manufacturers, the KKB of the TIKA company can be operated equally efficiently both in cooling mode and in heating mode. In the first of them, inverter compressor and condenser units of the TIMS series operate at ambient temperatures from -5 to +56 °C, in the second - from -27 to +26 °C. The freon used is R410A. The actual length of the freon line from the KKB to the heat exchanger of the vent installation can reach 200 m, the equivalent is 240 m. According to these indicators, TICA inverter compressor and condenser units are among the best on the market. They can be located both above and below the ventilation system. The maximum height difference between the devices is 110 m. TIKA produces 4 models of AHU KIT electronic control modules. The maximum capacity of the KKB, for which the AHU KIT is designed, is 90 kW. To connect to a combined compressor-condenser unit (106-302 kW), only 2-4 such modules are sufficient. Such a set is capable of providing up to 64 freon heat exchangers of supply or supply and exhaust installations with a total capacity of 31000-45000 cubic meters/h and more with refrigerant. If necessary, several AHU KIT can be connected to one vent installation. Indoor units can also be connected to the KKB in parallel.

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