Condensing units on/off

The compressor and condenser units on/off (start/stop) manufactured by TICA are characterized by high performance (it varies from 8 to 310 kW; when connected to fresh air supply units, it reaches 332 kW), reliability and low cost. Depending on the output power, they are one-, two- and four-circuit systems. Each KKB model has a modular design. Firstly, it allows you to create a central air conditioning system, all the circuits of which function in parallel. Secondly, to increase its overall productivity. Thirdly, to offer the consumer a wide range of HVAC equipment ideally suited to the conditions of his project. Fourth, do not interrupt the operation of the entire system in case of maintenance (repair) of one module. KKB with air cooling are manufactured in two versions: operating only in cooling mode and operated as heat pumps (both cooling and heating). The most economical model in the TICA line is TSAX008BR (8 kW), as well as the most productive units TSAX290BR and TSAX330BR (290 and 332 kW) are available only in the heat pump version, which means they can work both cold and heat. Compressor and condenser units on/off are connected to ventilation units with a capacity from 1400 to 52000 cubic meters/h, processing both supply and recirculating air. At the same time, KKB supplies ozone-safe freon R410A with the same efficiency and ventilation installations that only purify recirculating air, and air treatment plants that maintain a constant temperature and humidity in the premises, and "inflows" that pretreat fresh air. Also, compressor-condenser units on/off (start/stop) of TICA can be supplied together with ventilation units, controllers for which are manufactured by other brands. The TSAX008BR model is equipped with a rotary compressor, the rest are sealed spiral. All units are manufactured by well—known world manufacturers - Emerson Copeland and Mitsubishi. The compressors are characterized by high quality performance, reliability and durability, as well as low noise and vibration.

Компрессорно-конденсаторные блоки on/off
 Компрессорно-конденсаторный блок TSAX062C(R)

Compressor and condenser unit TSAX062C(R)

66,3 | 68,0 кВт

 Компрессорно-конденсаторный блок TSAX008BR

Compressor and condenser unit TSAX008BR

8,0 | 8,0 кВт

 Компрессорно-конденсаторный блок TSAX290BR

Compressor and condenser unit TSAX290BR

270.0 | 270.0 кВт

 Компрессорно-конденсаторный блок TSAX330BR

Compressor and condenser unit TSAX330BR

310,0 | 310,0 кВт

 Компрессорно-конденсаторный блок TSAX025C(R)

Compressor and condenser unit TSAX025C(R)

27,3 | 28,5 кВт

 Компрессорно-конденсаторный блок TSAX030C(R)

Compressor and condenser unit TSAX030C(R)

32,1 | 34,1 кВт

 Компрессорно-конденсаторный блок TSAX041C(R)

Compressor and condenser unit TSAX041C(R)

43,9 | 44,0 кВт

 Компрессорно-конденсаторный блок TSAX052C(R)

Compressor and condenser unit TSAX052C(R)

55,6 | 55,0 кВт