AHU KIT modules

AHU KIT modules are used to connect outdoor units of VRF systems with a capacity of 8-95 kW to freon heat exchangers of ventilation units with an air flow rate from 800 to 13000 cubic meters/h. TICA's production portfolio includes 4 models of such devices that can operate in 3 modes: cooling, heating and ventilation. The products are connected to both mini VRF and outdoor units of medium and high power, including combined ones. The refrigerant used is R410A. The most powerful module — TMDK900 — allows you to connect units with a capacity of up to 95 kW, which is one of the best indicators on the world market. Due to this, it is not necessary to purchase additional AHU KIT if it is necessary to connect inverter compressor-condenser units with an output power of 50-95 kW. If the output power of the combined KKB exceeds 95 kW, then 2 to 4 AHU KIT are connected to the liquid pipeline in parallel. Similarly, they are connected to autonomous outdoor units combined into one group. Thanks to this, the total capacity of the KKB connected to a set of 4 AHU KIT can be increased to 380 kW, and the maximum permissible output power of the evaporator of the ventilation unit — up to 418 kW. This is enough to cool or heat up to 52,000 cubic meters of air per hour. A similar principle applies to supply installations: the AHU KIT can be connected to only one or several freon heat exchangers at once. Parallel connection of 2-4 modules to one heat exchanger of a high-performance ventilation system is also allowed, as well as connection of the product to the refrigeration circuit, which already has internal blocks of a multi-zone VRF system.

Модули AHU KIT
 Модуль AHU KIT TMDK56


5 | 6 кВт

 Модуль AHU KIT TMDK90


7 | 10 кВт

 Модуль AHU KIT TMDK180

Module AHU KIT TMDK180

15 | 18 кВт

 Модуль AHU KIT TMDK280

Module AHU KIT TMDK280

20 | 30 кВт

 Модуль AHU KIT TMDK450

Module AHU KIT TMDK450

25 | 45 кВт

 Модуль AHU KIT TMDK900

AHU KIT TMDK900 Module

45 | 90 кВт