Heat pumps

TICA produces inverter heat pumps with a spiral or twin-rotor compressor with a capacity of 12-20 kW, as well as a high-temperature heat pump (water heater) with an output power of 80 kW, powered by natural CO2 refrigerant. Semi-industrial heat pumps of the "air-water" type with an output power of 12-20 kW can be operated as classic air conditioners that cool or heat the working fluid. As a refrigerant for them, freon R410A is used, which has zero potential for depletion of the ozone layer. The refrigerant is compressed and pumped into the refrigeration circuit using a spiral or two-rotor compressor (depending on the line of equipment). The first of them is produced by Emerson Copeland (USA), the second by Mitsubishi Electric (Japan). You can order any option based on your needs and the price-energy efficiency ratio. Units with scroll compressors are on average 10-12% more efficient than outdoor units with twin-rotor compressors, but their price is slightly higher. Nevertheless, due to higher energy efficiency and lower energy consumption, inverter heat pumps with a scroll compressor pay off faster. If energy efficiency is important to you first of all, it is recommended to purchase them. Otherwise, the choice should be made in favor of outdoor units with Mitsubishi Electric twin-rotor compressors.

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