Inverter heat pumps with twin rotor compressor

TICA produces inverter heat pumps of the "air-water" type with a two-rotor compressor with a capacity from 12.5 to 16 kW in heating mode and from 12 to 14.5 kW in cooling mode. The water consumption is 2.06—2.75 cubic meters / h. Split systems are represented by six models, three of which are equipped with a wall-mounted indoor unit, the rest are ceiling—mounted. The indoor unit is connected to the "water underfloor heating" heating system, fan coils, radiators, low-power ventilation units. There are several modes of operation: floor heating, heating or cooling using connected fan coils, maintaining the temperature of the underfloor heating. In addition, inverter heat pumps of the "air-water" type with a two-rotor compressor can be used for hot water supply. In this case, they are additionally equipped with an external energy storage tank, shut-off valves (valves), a thermostat and connected to the water supply system. The following functions are implemented in the products: self-diagnostics (if a malfunction is detected, the error code is displayed on the touch screen of the wired control panel); automatic on-off of the heat pump at the timer signal; automatic start with the current settings after the resumption of power supply; intelligent defrosting. To prevent third-party access to the management system, user authorization is provided by entering his name and password.

Инверторные тепловые насосы с двухроторным компрессором серии TSCA
 Тепловой насос TSCA120FHL

Heat pump TSCA120FHL

12,0 | 12,5 кВт

 Тепловой насос TSCA120FHLD

Heat pump TSCA120FHLD

12,0 | 12,5 кВт

 Тепловой насос TSCA140FHL

Heat pump TSCA140FHL

14,0 | 14,2 кВт

 Тепловой насос TSCA140FHLD

Heat pump TSCA140FHLD

13,5 | 14,2 кВт

 Тепловой насос TSCA160FHL

Heat pump TSCA160FHL

14,5 | 16,0 кВт

 Тепловой насос TSCA160FHLD

Heat pump TSCA160FHLD

15,8 | 16,0 кВт