Sectional ventilation units

TICA is a leading manufacturer of ventilation equipment in China. For 10 years in a row, the Ministry of Industry and Informatization of the People's Republic of China (NMII) has recognized the ventilation installations of the enterprise as the best both in quality and in terms of production and sales in the country. TICA's share in this segment of the Chinese climate technology market is almost 17%. The nearest competitor is lagging behind by more than 4%. The absolute leadership of the company in this market is primarily due to the excellent quality of its products. All ventilation units manufactured by TICA fully comply with the European standard EN 1886 "Ventilation of buildings. Devices for air purification. Mechanical properties and measurement methods" and German standards VDI 6022-1 "Ventilation and indoor air quality. Hygienic requirements for ventilation installations and air conditioning systems" and DIN 1946-4 "Ventilation in buildings and medical offices". Software certified by the American Institute of Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems (AHRI) and the European Association of Manufacturers of Climate Equipment (EUROVENT) is used for the selection of equipment. TICA offers a wide range of ventilation equipment for both industrial applications and domestic needs: central, sectional and compact ventilation units; supply units with direct or belt drive, including three-speed; vent equipment with nozzle diffusers; supply and exhaust units with heat recovery.

картинка Секционные вентиляционные установки