Cassette single flow units

The line of single-threaded cassette units manufactured by TICA includes models with a capacity from 2.8 to 7.1 kW. Cassette single-threaded units of the TMCS series have a compact housing with a thickness of 250 mm or 290 mm and for this reason can be installed even in rooms with low ceilings. The height of the milky-white panel is only 33 mm. Equally effective, these air conditioners will cool, heat, ventilate or dehumidify the air in rooms with ceilings up to 3.5—4 m high. Thanks to the latest shutter rotation mechanism, the internal blocks of the TMCS series form a wider air jet and direct it up and down and left and right. As a result, the air in the room is brought faster to the temperature set by the user. Thanks to the wide fan deflector, the airflow is dispersed in the range of 10-65 degrees. This allows for smooth and uniform air circulation in the room (office, corridor) and its windless cooling (heating), as well as to minimize the negative impact of the air jet on the person trapped under it. The compact centrifugal fan installed in each cassette single-flow unit is equipped with an axial air intake. The small blades of the fan impeller ensure a uniform air supply. Due to this, the noise level during the operation of air conditioners is relatively low: at minimum speeds — 30-40 dB (A), depending on the performance of the indoor unit, at maximum — 36-47 dB (A).

Кассетные однопоточные блоки
  Кассетный однопоточный блок TMCS028A

Single-flow cassette unit TMCS028A

2,8 | 3,2 кВт

 Кассетный однопоточный блок TMCS036A

Cassette single-flow unit TMCS036A

3,6 | 4,0 кВт

  Кассетный однопоточный блок TMCS045A

Cassette single-flow unit TMCS045A

4,5 | 5,0 кВт

 Кассетный однопоточный блок TMCS056A

Single-flow cassette unit TMCS056A

5,6 | 6,3 кВт

  Кассетный однопоточный блок TMCS071A

Single-flow cassette unit TMCS071A

7,1 | 8,0 кВт