Wall blocks

The most popular indoor units for TICA VRF systems. This is how, many users believe, a reference air conditioner should look like. The company's products meet this definition by 100%. They have a very stylish appearance and fit perfectly into the interior. Advanced blinds of these devices contribute to the uniform distribution of cooled or heated air throughout the room. The wide airflow blown by the air conditioner provides faster and more efficient cooling (heating). The sound pressure level during the operation of the most powerful TMVW063AB and TMVW071AB wall units manufactured by TIKA and allowing you to create a comfortable environment in rooms (offices) with an area of up to 63-70 sq.m, even at maximum speeds does not exceed 48 dB (A). All these advantages, as well as the price—quality ratio, indicate that TICA products are the best choice on the market.

Настенные блоки
 Настенный блок TMVW028ACB

Wall unit TMVW028ACB

2,8 | 3,0 кВт

 Настенный блок TMVW036ACB

Wall unit TMVW036ACB

3,6 | 4,0 кВт

 Настенный блок TMVW040ACB

Wall unit TMVW040ACB

4,0 | 4,5 кВт

 Настенный блок TMVW056ACB

Wall unit TMVW056ACB

5,6 | 6,0 кВт

 Настенный блок TMVW063AB

Wall unit TMVW063AB

6,3 | 7,1 кВт

 Настенный блок TMVW071AB

Wall unit TMVW071AB

7,1 | 8,0 кВт