Mini VRF systems

TICA produces mini VRF systems of two lines - with spiral and twin—rotor compressors with a capacity from 8 to 22.4 kW. The range of high-performance mini-VRFs of the TIMS-AHT(A) series, equipped with spiral compressors from Emerson Copeland (USA), includes 6 models with an output power of 10-18 kW. The line of classic mini VRF systems TIMS-CSREC(A), equipped with twin-rotor compressors from Mitsubishi Electric (Japan), includes 9 models with a capacity of 8-22.4 kW. The mini-VRF also includes models of the TIMS Extra line (TIMS-CSREA series) with lateral air blowing, equipped with twin-rotor compressors with an output power of 25.2, 28.5 and 33.5 kW. Each outdoor unit manufactured by TICA corresponds to energy efficiency classes A+++/A++. The EER coefficient of classic mini-VRFs is 3.0—3.7 depending on the model, high—efficiency ones — 3.3—4.0. The coefficient of COP heating capacity of these devices is 3.5—4.0 and 3.8-4.4, respectively, which is a very high indicator for household and semi-industrial air conditioners. From 3 to 11 indoor units can be connected to standard outdoor units manufactured by TICA, and of completely different types — cassette, channel, wall, floor-ceiling, etc. The devices of the TIMS Extra line are capable of supplying R410A refrigerant to up to 19 internal units.

картинка Мини VRF-системы